Monday, September 13, 2010

Bill Gates fade private enterprises can learn from China

Period of time when the height of Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates suddenly announced on June 15, over the next two years to phase out the current day to day management is committed to charity instead. Gates recalled personal experiences, "dropped out of school, business, development, and success" behind the fact that Microsoft has grown and today's high noon, while the Gates of early retirement is even more brilliant future lay with Microsoft.

A large number of private enterprises in China, as Microsoft looks huge, and indeed every inch a "private enterprise", Gates's personal charisma, but also reinforced the strong private enterprises of this individual colors. Therefore, Gates and Microsoft, might be able to provide for the restructuring of private enterprises in China can learn from the case.

Some studies show that in the next 10 years, China will launch a large-scale family enterprises peak shift change. In other words, the Chinese private enterprises are in start-up period from the enjoyment of the "two right one" benefits, the need to complete the inter-generational transfer of property rights in transition with a critical moment. In this critical period, why the shift, how the shift in relationship to the future development of private enterprises in China will answer questions.

If you simply copy the so-called modern enterprise management model, it seems that it is not incomprehensible Road will answer, because, according to the model, as long as separation of ownership and implementation, decentralization of the original shareholders appoint professional managers to manage the business, we can all is well. But in fact, the scientific separation of ownership and not a simple "one divides into two," two of the right architecture is a system process, because the separation of ownership and also has its weaknesses. Statistics show that China's current economic crime management, although the management of private enterprises amount less than the state-owned enterprises in the crime, but crime rates go up to above state-owned enterprises, most of which are implemented separation of ownership and management of private enterprise. Therefore, the Chinese private enterprises to conduct both the separation of ownership and can not, can not be a point over. So the real question is difficult to achieve separation of ownership and unity of the balance.

In the early 20th century, with the complexity of economic activities, promote, support in the financial capital, the U.S. experienced a massive corporate mergers and acquisitions. This case, the original shares are distributed to owners, financial institutions and to promote the hands of the initiators of a business combination is the power of checks and balances in this stock game, the professional managers to stand out. With the development and growth of professional managers is reasonable and internal corporate governance norms, risk control and the establishment of a credit system. Meanwhile, both the original shareholders, new shareholders or among the company into the middle of the "quasi-professional managers," It is through this balancing force it to find the balance point.

Today, Microsoft's shift change, it is a typical reflection of the outcome of this balance: Gates will be handed over after the departure of current chief technology officer Ray Ozzie and 鍏嬭幈鏍肩﹩杩?share. At the same time, Microsoft has chosen the following even after the younger generation of their successors. Through such well-arranged, no wonder Bill Gates's decision, the disclosure, and immediately have a professional investment institutions that the Gates departure is good news for Microsoft, which will make a stronger more competitive company.

Gates easily leave confession, in fact, is not the name and fame do not come out, Hermitage Forest, but the system experienced a power game and complete only after the procedural steps. Such procedural steps, the domestic private enterprises, the painful process, but the outcome was certainly happy.


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