Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thunder piracy to Beijing Sohu the court counterclaim

October 26, 2009, Thunder official told reporters that the company has been formally charged to court in Beijing Sohu, Sohu last week completed its evidence of copyright infringement. This is the lead Sohu set up a "China Network Video Anti-Piracy Alliance," so named for the Thunder, the Thunder for the first time responses. Last month, Youku has been brought to the Beijing court litigation, copyright infringement lawsuit against Sohu and reputation violations.

It has been revealed in the October 22 Thunder, completed Sohu's Sogou evidence of the facts of copyright infringement preservation, and began preparations for Beijing and Shenzhen in the prosecution of Sohu. Thunder chief operating officer, said Luo people, "not to prosecute the claim to the other tens of millions, but to tell you, are free to enter the video field, bother to engage in Union, fried users, better stop and make products."

Another insider said Thunder, Thunder and Sohu and excellent long-standing grudges friend Bullock. The source said the Thunder Dogs approximation Sogou search rankings. In addition to excellent friends Bullock and Thunder in the VOD business in direct competition, the greater the conflict is that it would like to enter the TV end market, while several major TV manufacturers now choose to cooperate with the Thunder.

Prior to the September 15, Sohu, emotional network, excellent friends Bullock and China, as the joint such as the 4 set up jointly by the domestic new media "China Network Video Anti-Piracy Alliance", that would be excellent cool, potatoes, Thunder and advertisers launched litigation, a total of 5 claims will be superior cool 10 million to 100 million yuan, and retains the investigation related to the rights of persons responsible for criminal responsibility. You friend Bullock to have mastered more than 600 pirated movies Thunder all the evidence grounds, the Thunder and television makers TCL also in court.

September 17, Youku CEO Victor Koo said, "Sohu on long-term piracy of copyrighted content Youku plagiarism, and, most recently to cool on the excellent reputation of serious violations", the Beijing Haidian court. He also accused Charles Zhang: "Being the kind needed, speak with a sense of proportion."

It is understood that "anti-piracy alliance" Since its establishment, encountered strong resistance, constant reports of suspected commercial speculation, Sogou search is the largest music piracy base voices of doubt.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Flash MX Overview 3

(My English is too food, some sentences do not translate out of a laughing stock. But it touches on a very good learning opportunities, please guide me more guidance, thank you. - BlueJack)

Improved user interface

After you first start the Flash MX user interface will notice any major changes. In previous versions of many of the tools is not very intuitive and easy to find. For example, I just started using Flash5, I think that the characteristics of the exchange of symbols to be ignored, until I accidentally found in the instance of the panel icon is a difficult to identify its new incarnation. In Flash MX, there is no instance of the panel, this is a good thing.

Redesigned panel

In Flash, each panel is the time line and edit the scene and prepared an important tool for ActionScript. Set marker panel was canceled or replaced, and a make your own preferences by random decomposition and combination of panels.

At first, I think we have to give up a little bit familiar with the panel unfortunately, but soon I will move again to evaluate the. This new design allows you to combine a number of panels as a whole, so that you can simultaneously open many panels as long as your work area just to open them. We can easily find a panel, click, it will immediately begin a complete show, while other panel automatically hides.

Now you can bank panel and combined with any other panel or library binding each other. In fact, if you open multiple Flash files, by default, they will automatically integrate the library. This allows you to easily identify which library it belongs to an open file.

In the Windows version of Flash MX, you can put anything and the combination of your work area: tools, panels, property inspector, and your files. This creates a complete console.

In order to write more smoothly, Action panel has been completely redesigned. When you write code in expert mode, the floating window will prompt you for following what the play. If you want to know about setRGB () method something more, as long as the text panel, select it and click a button it can get a brief introduction. To open this panel is great, if it was directly combined with the Action panel, will be more useful. Automatic formatting features for your restraint and separation code, so difficult to read and then write the ActionScript that was inexcusable. The panel also highlighted the preference settings, allowing you more freedom of custom code, size, color, layout and font. The panel even included input, output, and print features. However, Action menu, it seems the organization is not perfect. Designers may be more like organizational level classification, the result is a menu add only a simple gotoAndPlay () command.

ActionScript a skilled writers will find the clock hands faster, but novices may be totally confused. For some reason, this simple command, like any other order as the menu is hidden behind the three layers. You can use the menu to edit the "ActionsPanel.xml", but still have to say, they are not prepared for the novice. ActionScript skilled users will appreciate the revised Action panel, as described above. Novices will be using it to pay more than the efforts of Flash 5.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Alternative workplace quit: to a rival company to do an undercover intelligence probe

The human mind has to quit moving the end of season, took a lot of year-end career began calculating dividends on and find another job. The consultation found an alternative switch to also take the opportunity to quietly perform: to rival companies to work "undercover" experience in intelligence gathering. Experts said, the reality version of "workplace Infernal Affairs" higher risk, ranging from damage to reputation, while in conflict with the law.

Staff: "the boss sent me to do it undercover."

"The boss sent me to the rival company to do undercover." Ming the staff of a company (a pseudonym) recently received a special mission boss layout: Apply a major rival's manager positions. Boss promised, after three months, Zhang returned to the original company will receive incentives such as promotion and a raise. During this time, Zhang not only receive the wages of rival companies, the original company will remain to him a monthly salary. "The boss told me clearly, I went to the main rival companies to understand the operation and management mechanism, with experience coming back, do not dry things stolen trade secrets."

According to the plan, to the competitors, all the formalities in accordance with the formal entry, three-month trial period, Zhang can provide a treatment of the other party can not accept requests to be dismissed and then back to the original company. A friend suggested that I: If the companies go well, will simply jump ship; if there are good escape route, it was great! But Zhang was quite hesitant, "Business is war, after all, not good when the undercover agent."

Manpower Department: Undercover behavior easy

"This undercover act, in very easy in operation." A unit personnel department 鐨?explicitly Biaoshi hiring manager, the company is willing to hire a rival company's employees, "Yin Wei Xiang Si company size, switched employees will soon get started." But as avoid risks, the company generally and management, research and development and other key personnel sign the agreement, the provisions of a number of years employees leave the industry can not compete in the same office. According to the human responsible person said that the specific number of years not in the same profession of office, you will need and the staff will negotiate, "There are no legal provisions in this regard."

Human experts: undercover acts detrimental to the industry's reputation

Zhaopin senior career counselor, said Hao Jian, Zhang Ming's "undercover" mission is not isolated cases, but in this competitive environment, the development process, product strategy, management and so is no longer secret at all. But Zhang is likely to itself in this awkward situation: the new company hired Ming, may want to learn from his old club mouth movements, he actually has been reduced to pieces old and new companies.

"Fortunately, if the number of industries and enterprises - more than the company's inaugural experience will enhance their own productivity; but if a few within the industry, to do so will certainly affect his reputation in the industry." HAO confirmed, "Labor Law" provides , the labor contract the parties may agree in the labor contract conservative employers on matters related to business secrets, "the company's current" non-compete agreement "generally agreed upon period of 3 years, the competition for this industry to pay compensation to people generally do this before leaving three percent a year salary to half. "

Legal Expert: Undercover trade secret infringement

Beijing Yue Cheng Law Firm labor and personnel aspects of any lawyer that: "As long as the rights are not open to the public and can bring economic benefits, including the company's internal management and operation mechanism and so belongs to the entity's trade secrets. Ming do is a violation of "anti-unfair competition law". "refused to pay compensation if the original owner, Zhang prior agreement with the original owner prior law allowed itself because of lack of legal protection, which can not recover their hard-earned money.


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Saturday, September 25, 2010

e-cology in the Pan Micro Series 29

Knowledge Map: Let agents, customers and employees to share knowledge

Effective knowledge management must require a strong knowledge map can be generated, or with the knowledge of more and more difficult for users to distinguish between real knowledge of what is rubbish!

Pan Micro knowledge management module for the agents, customers and employees generate a variety of knowledge map, and strengthen the role of the Knowledge Base!

Present form by e-cology has the knowledge map are:

Sales jobs knowledge map;

Technology development status of knowledge maps;

Marketing knowledge map;

Financial management knowledge map;

Project management knowledge map;

Personnel management knowledge map;

Investment industry knowledge map;

Financial industry knowledge map;

Biomedical knowledge map;

IT communications industry knowledge map;

And so on. . . . . .

Generated by e-cology knowledge map to all members of the Pan-Micro provides a strong helper function of daily work, so that new employees into the role as soon as possible!

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Bill Gates fade private enterprises can learn from China

Period of time when the height of Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates suddenly announced on June 15, over the next two years to phase out the current day to day management is committed to charity instead. Gates recalled personal experiences, "dropped out of school, business, development, and success" behind the fact that Microsoft has grown and today's high noon, while the Gates of early retirement is even more brilliant future lay with Microsoft.

A large number of private enterprises in China, as Microsoft looks huge, and indeed every inch a "private enterprise", Gates's personal charisma, but also reinforced the strong private enterprises of this individual colors. Therefore, Gates and Microsoft, might be able to provide for the restructuring of private enterprises in China can learn from the case.

Some studies show that in the next 10 years, China will launch a large-scale family enterprises peak shift change. In other words, the Chinese private enterprises are in start-up period from the enjoyment of the "two right one" benefits, the need to complete the inter-generational transfer of property rights in transition with a critical moment. In this critical period, why the shift, how the shift in relationship to the future development of private enterprises in China will answer questions.

If you simply copy the so-called modern enterprise management model, it seems that it is not incomprehensible Road will answer, because, according to the model, as long as separation of ownership and implementation, decentralization of the original shareholders appoint professional managers to manage the business, we can all is well. But in fact, the scientific separation of ownership and not a simple "one divides into two," two of the right architecture is a system process, because the separation of ownership and also has its weaknesses. Statistics show that China's current economic crime management, although the management of private enterprises amount less than the state-owned enterprises in the crime, but crime rates go up to above state-owned enterprises, most of which are implemented separation of ownership and management of private enterprise. Therefore, the Chinese private enterprises to conduct both the separation of ownership and can not, can not be a point over. So the real question is difficult to achieve separation of ownership and unity of the balance.

In the early 20th century, with the complexity of economic activities, promote, support in the financial capital, the U.S. experienced a massive corporate mergers and acquisitions. This case, the original shares are distributed to owners, financial institutions and to promote the hands of the initiators of a business combination is the power of checks and balances in this stock game, the professional managers to stand out. With the development and growth of professional managers is reasonable and internal corporate governance norms, risk control and the establishment of a credit system. Meanwhile, both the original shareholders, new shareholders or among the company into the middle of the "quasi-professional managers," It is through this balancing force it to find the balance point.

Today, Microsoft's shift change, it is a typical reflection of the outcome of this balance: Gates will be handed over after the departure of current chief technology officer Ray Ozzie and 鍏嬭幈鏍肩﹩杩?share. At the same time, Microsoft has chosen the following even after the younger generation of their successors. Through such well-arranged, no wonder Bill Gates's decision, the disclosure, and immediately have a professional investment institutions that the Gates departure is good news for Microsoft, which will make a stronger more competitive company.

Gates easily leave confession, in fact, is not the name and fame do not come out, Hermitage Forest, but the system experienced a power game and complete only after the procedural steps. Such procedural steps, the domestic private enterprises, the painful process, but the outcome was certainly happy.


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PS Mercator making sphere effect (3)

Part III: effect of metal

Now, let us add some plain sphere special effects. Of course, you can use other methods, here, I used a more special effects, so our three-dimensional sphere looks like a metal ball. (Figure 29)

Figure 29

This section focuses on exclusion, overlay, and Multiply these layers the model.

Before dealing with images, some need to explain. That is, do not let your sight hinder your thoughts. If you have been to follow this tutorial to do so, do not give a fixed limit your thinking steps. If you think a step in the use of other methods can achieve better results, although a bold attempt, this tutorial is to play a serve as a stimulus. Now, let's get started!

1. Although we designed the second part of the type of ball more popular, but here, we adopted the first ball as a starting point, we started making metal ball. Artificial opening in the first part of the completion of the image, in addition to the background layer, a layer only a layer of spheres. Press Ctrl + T, to -30 degrees rotating sphere layer, press Ctrl + J, copy the layer, rename it to 1, with the Ctrl + I reverse image color change from black to white lines. Thus, our ball looks like a hook with a pencil outline of the same. (Figure 30)

Figure 30

2. The next part, you get results with our example of the degree of similarity depends on whether you do as I approach the. In the filters menu, select Other> Maximum command, the radius set to 3. If the steps in front of you and me the same, then it should be like the following figure (Figure 31). If your image looks significantly different from the examples, or perhaps you prefer finer lines and smaller crossover point blank, then reset the option. This layer of mixed-mode to "exclusion." Exclusion model using a layer of pixels and the black mixture does not change. Therefore, our image in the mixed-mode does not change after the change.

Figure 31

To make the intersection of lines and better from the background stand out, copy the layer with Ctrl + J "1", the copy of the layer named "2." In the Layers panel, the two moved to the 1 below, the color reversal image 2 will be mixed into the layer stack. Our image looks or no change.

3. Now copy the lines of our sphere layer is "Layer 1", the "Layer 1 copy" layer name change to "3", reverse image color, the layer to exclude mixed-mode, as shown below. (Figure 32)

Figure 32

4. In the "Layer 1" on the new layer, name it "4." With the ellipse tool to draw a positive circle, the same size and ball size. You can press the Alt and Shift, drag out from the sphere center, until the sphere edge. Foreground and background colors will revert to the default black and white state, the exchange of shade guide, select the gradient tool in the radial gradient, from top right to bottom left to make the constituency from white to black gradient, de-select (Figure 33). Gradient layer in the mixed-mode to overlay, you will be disappointed that the gradient effect was found missing, it does not matter, we will be it for a while to recover.

Figure 33

5. In the Layers panel, select 3, copy, copy renamed 5. Now, set your foreground and background colors are white and a medium intensity of color, such as RGB (0,84,166), hold down the Ctrl, click on "Layer 1", included in the scope of the sphere lines in Figure Application Layer 5 constituency clouds filter. Deselected, the mixed layer to Multiply, then reduce the layer opacity to 25%, the role of this layer is a colored sphere. (Figure 34)

Figure 34


6. The next part of it, more difficult to describe, hope that we can concentrate. In the "Layer 1" on the new layer, changed its name to "6." Unlike the previous steps, here, we need to see the changes effect, so more than a few hidden layers 6. In layer 6, the load has been hidden layer 4 of opaque regions, filling the white, keep constituencies. Reset the default palette, the filter menu, select sketch> halftone pattern, the pattern type, select "straight line", will the contrast set to maximum, the line thickness of 2 pixels, click OK application. Then in the filter menu, choose Other> maximum radius of 2 pixels. (Figure 35)

Figure 31

Press Ctrl + J copy of layer 6, in the form of layer 2, open the change box shape, a copy layer of rotating 90 掳, the mixed layer to Multiply so that vertical and horizontal lines can be revealed. Layer 2 down into the layers 6, we get a detailed grid image. (Figure 36)

Figure 36

Loading 6 opaque area in the selection> modify select "shrink" command, then 2 pixels emergence constituency. Sphere of application of the constituency filter, the number of 100%, mode normal, reserved constituencies. (Figure 37)

Figure 37

Next, expand the constituencies of 25 pixels, press Ctrl + Shift + I, anti-selection; then Ctrl + Shift + Alt key, click on the layer 4, cross-loading gradient sphere constituency, are outside the sphere grid constituency. In the filter> distort select "squeeze" filter set to 100% of the quantity, cancel options. At this time, this layer is the internal effect of the expansion, the external effect for the squeezed middle remains the same. (Figure 38)

Figure 38

Opaque layer 4 load area, still in layer 6, the implementation of the spherical surface of filter mode continues as normal, but the number was as -100%. Emergence of the constituencies and 10 pixels, anti-election for 3 times removed, de-select (Figure 39). The hybrid model will be 6 to Multiply. (Figure 40)

Figure 39

Figure 40

7. Select "Layer 1", on which the new layer, name the layer "7." Reset Palette, select Filter> render> clouds, we carried out a layer of clouds in this rendering. Opaque layer 4 load area, the filter> to select pixels of "mosaic", set the cell size is 15. Further implementation of the USM sharpening, strengthening mosaic effect, amount to 150%, Radius 0.5 pixels, threshold 0. (Figure 41)

Figure 41

8. Constituencies on the layer 7 filter implementation sphere of twice the number of 100%, mode normal, mosaic effect is expansive.鍙嶈浆閫夊尯锛屽垹闄ゅ悗鍙栨秷閫夋嫨銆傚啀灏嗛┈璧涘厠灞傚拰缃戞牸灞傛棆杞?30掳锛屽嵆涓?紑濮嬩綘灏嗙悆浣撶嚎鏉℃棆杞殑搴︽暟銆傛渶鍚庯紝灏嗚繖涓?眰鐨勬贩鍚堟ā寮忚涓烘帓闄わ紝鏁堟灉濡傚浘鎵?ず锛堝浘42锛夈?

Figure 42

銆??9.鏈?悗锛屾仮澶嶆墍鏈夊浘灞傜殑鍙鎬э紝灏嗗浘灞?鐨勬贩鍚堟ā寮忔敼涓烘帓闄ゃ?鎷煎悎闄よ儗鏅鐨勬墍鏈夊浘灞傦紝杞藉叆鍥惧眰4鐨勪笉閫忔槑鍖哄煙锛屽弽閫夛紝鍒犻櫎澶氫綑鍥惧儚锛屽彇娑堥?鎷┿?鎵?湁鐨勫伐浣滃氨閮藉畬鎴愪簡锛堝浘main锛夈?濡傛灉浣犵殑鍥惧儚鍜屼緥瀛愪腑鐨勭◢鏈夊樊鍒紝閭d箞鍘熷洜寰堝彲鑳芥槸浜戝僵婊ら暅閫犳垚鐨勩?鍥犱负浜戝僵鐨勬晥鏋滄槸闅忔満鐨勩?鍙﹀锛屽浘灞?涓簯褰╃殑棰滆壊涔熺洿鎺ュ奖鍝嶆渶缁堢殑鍥惧儚鏁堟灉銆?br />


銆??娉細Mark Anthony Larmand灏嗚繖绉嶇悆浣撴晥鏋滅О涓哄ⅷ鍗℃墭鐞冧綋銆傚ⅷ鍗℃墭锛圙erhardus锛?512-1594,锛屼經鍏板痉Flanders 鐨勫湴鐞嗗瀹讹紝鍦板浘鍒朵綔瀹讹級锛屼粬鍙戞槑浜哅ercator''s projection 澧ㄥ崱鎵樺紡鎶曞奖鍥炬硶銆?br />


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JSP page translation of the principle of

As we all know, every JSP page will be compiled into a Java Web container class for the Web container calls, and generates HTML foliage back to the user. And understand the methods and rules which the variation of our study is very good for JSP, you can say that learning this good compiler theory, we have learned a good knowledge of most of the JSP, and the rest of the work will only memorize Yi Xie tablib and repeated applications to make themselves more skilled it was.

First look at the JSP page corresponding to the basic structure of Class. Every JSP page will be compiled into a format like the following, first give a general impression, detailed instructions in the back

This is the most important function which is pageservice, web containers in a compiled JSP classes after the application of this class of objects, and direct calls to pageservice to get the Response, the last returned to the customer. As the details, we can summarize as follows:

1. All the JSP page translation out of class, all inherited from the HttpJspBase and named PageName $ jsp.

2. In the first call pageservice function of time, the class will be repeated initialization, and this initialization function is _jspx_init, if we want, we can customize this function to achieve the initialization of JSP page .

3. This code is converted into what?

This code is directly converted into Java code into pageservice function inside.

4. This code is converted into what?

This code is translated into the member functions and member variables, that is, those statements in the JSP life cycle are present.

5.HTML code?

PrintWriter html code to be written directly inside the feedback to the user, very direct.

6. Why JSP page translation method to write so many provinces, such as session, out, page, context and the like.

These are defined in pageservice temporary variable inside the specific initialization code can refer to the example above, each call to JSP pages, these variables will be re-initialized once. Of course, we can easily declare their variables.

7. Province was so understandable way?

This province was obtained by way of calling doSomething Object's toString (), and then write out directly inside. Equivalent to:

out.print (object.doSomethiing (). toString ())

8.JavaBean scope inside the scope of the definition of the scope, the scope of the meaning here?

This is the Bean object handle to save the meaning of the place. We can imagine a range of Bean is pageservice page inside a local variable, when the end of the first treatment, this variable will be Java virtual machine recovery. The session variable. The request level of Bean JSP page should be a member variable. The session and the application can not be kept inside the JSP page class, but should be kept in the call object inside the JSP page.

9. On command, this would be very simple, just a one corresponding to the response.setContentType () statement only.

10. Turn on the JSP page translation of the problem. This statement is translated into getServletContext (). GetRequestDispatcher ("/ List.jsp"). Forward (req, res); statement.

11. Encountered this statement, JSP translator will put the file code and file code now and then mixed with the compiler, generates JSP class. This method is very good, allows us to document the style of uniform, such as it written in a file header, and the footer is also written as a JSP, and the index.html file which contains these two recently, so, regardless of Content how they change, do not become the upper and lower style is conducive to the unity of style.

These are simple JSP page of the translation process and more details for it can refer to the tomcat source code to understand these principles Duiyu learning JSP Laishui, is very important to Dada's 鎻愰珮 the efficiency of learning.


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